We’ve covered a lot of food photography tips and tutorials in the past 16 weeks, so I thought it might be helpful to give a little recap of what we’ve gone over so far. It also makes for easier searching in case you missed or are searching for one of my old posts. So, here we go!

16 Food Photography Tips + Tutorials

16 Food Photography Tips + Tutorials | edibleperspective.com

1 // Use a black umbrella to create shadows. Getting creative with household items—like an umbrella—to help create shadows in our photos and block light.

2 // Try using small plates, bowls, and utensils when styling. Small plates and bowls have the tendency to look better in food photos and they’re also easier to fill with food. You’ll find examples and links to where you can buy these small kitchen items.

3 // Try adding textured surfaces to your photos. Textured surfaces add another dimension to simple recipe photos. Check out how you can easily add texture in a few different ways in this post.

4 // Try using old baking pans to shoot on. Beat up baking pans add great color to your food photos and provide a lovely, moody surface to shoot on.

16 Food Photography Tips + Tutorials | edibleperspective.com

5 // Get inspired! Food bloggers/photographers who are impressing the heck out of me.

6 // How do you capture steam in photos? Learn the details in capturing steam and a few things to avoid!

7 // Move your feet! (guest post) A Couple Cooks teaches us to move around the food for different results.

8 // How to take sharp photos – part 1 Learn a lot more about depth of field and how it can bring more sharpness to your photos.

9 // How to take sharp photos – part 2 This post will teach you all about shutter speed and how it can help create sharper images.

10 // Let’s capture motion: powdered sugar edition Ever wonder how to capture motion? I’m exploring how to capture falling powdered sugar at different speeds in this post.

16 Food Photography Tips + Tutorials | edibleperspective.com

11 // What the heck is ISO?

12 // My photography station setup.

13 // Your clothing + surroundings cast color onto your food!

14 // How to photograph food while traveling with minimal equipment.

15 // What’s the difference between RAW and JPEG image files?

16 // The first 5 edits I make in Lightroom

16 Food Photography Tips + Tutorials | edibleperspective.com

Be on the lookout for more tips + tutorials starting again next week!



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